Symptoms of Bronchogenic Carcinoma

Bronchogenic carcinoma, or lung cancer as it is more commonly known, is a very aggressive and deadly disease. Lung cancer is almost impossible to cure unless it is detected in the early stages of its development. This is why it is important for everybody, but particularly for at-risk individuals, to be aware of the different symptoms of lung cancer. We have prepared a comprehensive list of the signs which accompany lung cancer. Because early detection is key in treating the disease, we believe this information should be shared as much as possible.

The most common symptoms, before metastasis:

The most common symptoms of bronchogenic carcinoma, after metastases (secondary cancers):

These are the most commons symptoms of bronchogenic carcinoma. There are a multitude of other signs associated with lung cancer. Please also note that the signs listed above could be caused by conditions other than lung cancer but should nonetheless, be investigated by a doctor. With a disease as deadly as lung cancer, prevention is paramount and no sign should be left unchecked.